Ted Flowers Chief Deluxe
Loon Creek Saddle
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Ted Flowers Spot Shop Parade Saddle
Ted Flowers 599 Breastcoallar
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"Parade Chief" parade outfit in german silver made by Loon Creek Leather with the original tools used by Flowers. Rare youth size saddle with all the accessories. Great find for young rider who wants a full silver set, or for the executive who wants a smaller size saddle to display in their office!
This outfit is new, waiting for you to enjoy showing it off!
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Ted Flowers "Chief Deluxe" outfit in german silver made by Loon Creek Leather with the original tools used by Flowers. Fabulous breastcollar with Indian heads on each dropper!
This outfit is new, waiting for you to enjoy showing it off!
For Information contact Bob at (260)-356-0726
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Ted Flowers "Harness" Hip Drops - When you read historical accounts of Ted Flowers you will often read that he made both harness and saddlery-- but you never seem to see any harness?? Well this is a set of hip drops the kind you commonly see used on draft type harness. The "disks" appear to be chrome plated brass and some of the chrome has worn off on a couple of them (click on the photo to the left to see the larger version with more detail). if you are a Ted Flowers collector and want to have one of everything here is your chance! However these could also be used for parts. the rectangular strap keepers (which often corroded on most saddles you find today) are in mint condition and could be used to bring the shine back to your existing set! There are 5 strap keepers on each drop. $40 for the set or $25 each
Ted Flowers Breast Collar
Loaded with engraved diamond shaped conchos. Original condition - missing one small concho on right side (we can help get a replacement).
$275. Email us by clicking the box below and put TF Diamond Breastcollar in your subject line. CLICK HERE to see more photos,
Ted Flower's Indiana Parade set with big skirts and Golden Indian Heads.


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Abetta Corona Pads

I have a very limited quantity of these Abetta brand corona pads. They are approx size 33 x 32. They are new and I have royal blue, yellow, and brown. They really make a bold statement and add a nice clean look to your parade outfit! $5o each plus shipping. Inquire by clicking on the "Email" button below and please put "Corona Pads" in your subect line.
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Ted Flowers Parade Saddle - Ted Flowers Special Model


Ted Flowers 5991 Breastcollar
This is a Ted Flower's model 5991 breastcollar. It is complete and in good used condition. CLICK HERE to see more photos and detals about this item.

$600, buyer pays shipping
Ted Flowers No. 501 Breastcollar
This is a Ted Flowers model 501 Breast Collar. This piece is typical of how you find most parade gear and would need to be restored to be usable. Lots of very nice conchos! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS $425, buyer pays shipping.
Ted Flowers Parade Saddle - Ted Flowers Royal Model
This winter we will start work on the next saddle we will have available. It is a Ted Flowers ROYAL model. It has the larger seat. This set will include the saddle, the breastcollar, the bridle, silver reins, serapes, and even a hip drop accessory. As soon as everything is restored and polished we will post photos. (saddle is almost identical to the one on this page: Reference photos of a Royal pattern saddle). Contact us if you are interested in reserving this saddle for your collection.