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Very Rare Ted Flower's Golden Royal Saddle
A website created to enable Parade Saddle devotees a chance to share photos and information on the great silver saddles produced by Ted Flowers, Bohlin, Keyston Bros., Bruce Lovins and others.
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A Sterling Silver Chief Deluxe Ted Flowers Parade saddle with Horseheads-- and history! Don't miss this great story!
Ted Flowers Indian Head Saddle with very Large Skirts
Ted Flowers Indiana Model with Gold Indian Head Medallions
California Saddle with Silverwork by one of Bohlin's Top Silversmiths
Rare Ted Flowers Gold Plated Indian Chief with Indian Heads
Full Silver Parade Saddle with Longhorns by Heiser - Keyston
Indiana Model Parade Saddle Set with Red Leather Seat and "Gunmetal" Medallions
"The Chief Seattle", round skirted parade saddle by Karl's of Seattle
Ted Flowers Model 5991
Ted Flowers "Parade Chief" Saddle
Ted Flowers "The Spot Shop" Custom Indiana Saddle with Golden Indian Heads
Ted Flowers "Royal Model" Parade Saddle - see link above photo viewer box if using Android.
Ted Flowers Model 599 Parade Saddle Set
"Teeny Tiny" Ted Flowers Pony Parade Saddle
Ted Flower's "SPECIAL" Model Ladie's Parade Saddle Set
Ted Flowers "SPECIAL" with Horseheads - With Pistols & Spurs too!
PLEASE NOTE - The saddles listed below have photo viewer software. The photo viewers may not work on Android phones and other devices. You can try usng a regular desktop computer. We hope to convert the photos some time in the future.